Application upgrade

If you have old applications that are running on an ageing platforms then sooner or later you will have to consider bringing it up to date. There are issues of maintenance and trying to add features such as Web Services or fit them into Service Oriented Architectures. There is, of course, always the option of re-writing the entire system. This is painful and expensive but nevertheless it is an option. Normally, this is only appropriate if a company's requirements for its system have changed out of all recognition since it was first installed.

Transforming a old application into a modern application is not overnight and it is not painless. However, doing nothing is not a long-term option. Modern ways of working demand that distributed processing, allied with Web Services, must be implemented.

Velaga will examine your code written in ASP, COBOL, Delphi or Oracle Forms and convert it to Java or .NET application. The end result will be an Application that has all the capabilities of the old system,but with much more flexibility ,features and security. The new system will be easier to maintain and upgrade in the future.

Velaga has implemented many successful application upgrades using the latest frameworks and technologies.

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